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We work one on one with our customers to create their ideal customized jacket.



We are adept at determining your needs, experts in remote fitting, and are confident in guaranteeing your ultimate satisfaction in our finished product.


Oceandrive Leather has several original designs to choose from. They are designed with longevity in mind in regards to top quality leather, fine workmanship, and timeless styling. It is common for our customers to have three or more preferences within our style range, so don’t be too perplexed. By determining your priorities, we will help you to establish your best choice. We welcome any inquiries, and offer free consultations via email or telephone.


Once we have determined your choice of style and your measurements, we are ready to proceed with your order, and you can make a deposit of 50% of the jacket price. We will give you a time estimate which may be four to eight weeks depending on the season.


We recognize that no two bodies are alike, whether in size, height, or proportion, and our purpose is to achieve the optimum in fit for each garment.

Whether you are near to us or distant, we make it easy for you to attain a customized fit. If you are unable to come to our atelier, naturally you will fill out our measurement chart so that we may proceed to make your jacket pattern. We recommend that you call on the aid of a friend, or that of a tailor to help take the measurements accurately. It’s not very involved.

You also have the option of having a muslin sent to you, so as to fine tune the fit even further. A muslin is a mock-up made in a woven fabric, meant to simulate the finished garment so that you can best visualize the jacket. This adds an extra two or three hundred dollars to the price of the jacket but it can be an invaluable aid for more challenging body types, or simply to help quiet any doubts about the jacket and sleeve length or the degree of fit.

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