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Keith and Darryl Christensen

“We’re a family business, working together creating something well-made and worthwhile, and we feel fortunate to love what we do and to be rewarded with such admiration and gratitude for our service on a daily basis.”

A Leading Leather Company For Over

30 Years

The Christensen brothers are accomplished designers and makers of fine leather apparel. Their company Oceandrive Leather has been a leader in cutting edge leather fashion in Vancouver for over fifteen years, with a diversified clientele, ranging from the film & television industry, to international tourists, to local leather jacket enthusiasts. 

Since 1998

From the inception of their company as a bespoke leather boutique in Yaletown, to their ongoing prominence in the field of state of the art custom leather design, their philosophy has been to create timeless and exceptionally wearable, yet decidedly unique leather fashion, and to enhance people’s lives by placing proper emphasis on the art of tailoring and fit.

All of Keith and Darryl’s many years of combined experience prior to opening their leather shop is fairly negligible compared with the experience they gained from the twelve years they spent working directly with a wide cross-section of 

individual clients within those walls. They are the first to admit that managing a retail store, while developing their tailoring knowledge and honing their people skills was a huge learning curve. It was also hugely invaluable.

With the closing of the Oceandrive Leather boutique in 2009 came the opportunity for the brothers to redefine their business model. Thanks to the rise of the internet, and the ease of online shopping, they are able to present their unique service to the entire world without the constraints of in-person fittings and face-to-face consultations.

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